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If your organization is considering the purchase of a packaged methodology and the tools to support it, you are, no doubt, wondering "What am I getting into?" Will the methodology suit my shop? Which of the tools do I really need? What effort is involved? How long will it take? What will it cost? What training do we need?

Working with a company in Denver, Colorado, OtB has managed the selection, acquisition, configuration and deployment of the Rational Unified Process and 6 of the Rational tools. OtB has also arranged for or supplied training and mentoring across the methodology and the tool set. The hands-on experience gained with this client can be applied to help you make informed decisions about your tool and process choices.

Whether you are looking for a full blown, integrated solution or improvement in one or more targeted areas of the development lifecycle, OtB can work with you to achieve your goals. Contact OtB to discuss your requirements and which of the OTB Services suit your needs.